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Your Second Visit

Fairbanks Chiropractor Second Visit

We explain everything first.

Report of Findings

On your “Report of findings”  visit we explain what we found during your examination, as well as what we found with your assessments. You will again meet with Cindy, who will outline for you how we will be able to help you and will work with you to set up a care plan that you agree to and are completely comfortable with. You may choose a short care plan to reduce pain only, or a more comprehensive solution to not only remove pain but to remove and correct the underlying causes of these problems. Cindy will also go over your insurance benefits with you, if we will be billing insurance for your care.

Your second visit will not be nearly as long as the first, and will consist of focus adjustments to correct the subluxations that are causing the pain as well as possibly one or two therapies. Therapies can each be 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes per therapy, and are used to support the adjustments and allow the body to heal faster.

Again, you will see Allison on your way out to schedule the next visit that was discussed with either Cindy or myself, and receive your co-pay, co-insurance or “time of service” discounted fee.

If you have questions not answered here, please give us a call.