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Your First Visit

Getting to Know You

You will be welcomed by our friendly staff!

You will be welcomed by our friendly staff!

Your first visit will consist of being greeted by Allison, our front desk receptionist. You will be handed a “new patient packet” which will take between 5 and 10 minutes to fill out, depending on how much information you have for us. You can also download the forms online to save time.

You will then be greeted by Cindy, our Patient Educator or myself , and escorted to a treatment room. At this time we will answer all of the questions you may have about Chiropractic care and discuss the nature of your visit. We will take a complete health history, perform an examination and possibly use diagnostic assessment tools to verify and substantiate our findings.


Cindy and I will perform an examination of the areas of complaint and discuss with you the results. This will also be the time that you will have to ask any questions about me, the clinic, or chiropractic care in general. Depending on the severity of your condition and the results of the examination, you may or may not receive your first adjustment that visit.

Sometimes  I will require some additional time to compile the notes and results of the examination as well as the x-rays (if necessary), and plan a course of action that is unique to you to get the fastest results that you are looking for.

I will then schedule you to come back the next day, or later the same day for a “report of findings”. This is where we sit down with you and discuss together the results of the exam,  tests and x-rays, and set out a plan of action to first get you out of pain, and then second, to keep you out of pain. This entire first visit is usually between 40 and 60 minutes. Loose clothing is always best, and we have gowns for those that may be wearing compromising attire.

On your way out, Allison will consult with you regarding your insurance benefits if you are insured for care, and you will be expected to pay your co-pay or co insurance at the time of service. If you are a cash patient, we offer a 10% discount for services if you pay at the time of service and we do not have to extend credit for services rendered.

Allison  will then schedule your next visit as per the treatment plan we will have discussed.